Part 1 Summary, Overview, Methodology


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Part 1 Scope

Part 1 of this book contains broad sweeping outlines of the work involved in, results produced by, and consequences of the 21 1/2 years of mathematical physics research work of Jim Fisher. Specifically;

Technical Summary And Overview
Gives a synopsis of the scientific and technical aspects of the entire project. This includes what is presented in these reports, the historical efforts, approach taken, differences from the work of academia, general outcome, specific findings, research results, and the importance of the work for the future of subatomic particle physics. This material  is also shown on its own website page, see Book Menu.

Chapter 1.1 Research Work Objectives, Methodology, Guidelines  & Criteria For Results
Covers the objectives and scope that were set for this project’s research work, the mathematical approach to be taken and those not to be taken, actual procedures, assumptions and basic input data, general guidelines for the work, and specific criteria for any candidate equations that might be discovered.

Chapter 1.2 Personal Overview Of Project
Presents a brief narrative of the progress of the project from a historical and personal perspective. This summarizes the several phases of the project and the various challenges encountered with each phase. Generally there was the initial research phase of the project with its inherent challenge of playing a guessing game with the universe. After this, concurrent with further research, there was the attempts at publishing phase of the project which brought the severe rejection and repression of this material by the closed ranks of the academic physics community.

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Introduction/Scope 1
Technical Summary And Overview 3
Chapter 1.1     Research Work Objectives, Methodology, Guidelines,
& Criteria For Results
Chapter 1.2     Personal Overview Of Project 32
PART 1 List Of Figures
Figure Page
Chapter 1, Figures 1.1 & 1.2, Lepton Masses 20
Chapter 1, Figures 2.1 & 2.2, Ratio Of Lepton Masses 21
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Picture Page
Summary And Overview, Picture 1, A Highly Magnified Slow Motion Electron 8
Summary And Overview, Picture 1, A Highly Magnified Slow Motion Photon 12


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